Company at a glance

  • Name: Union Fresh (2003) Co., Ltd.
  • Location: Chiang Mai prefecture, Thailand
  • Established: 2003
  • Capital: 40 million baht (about 90 million yen)
  • Employees: 45 (full time), 50~170 (part time)
  • Acquired certification: HACCP / GMP -> in progress

Management Team

Factory at a glance

Production Process and Technique

Conventional freezing is at about -20°C and the formation of ice crystals are large and sharp, on defrosting several problems result due to the cells of the fruit being torn. The texture of the fruit becomes soft and mushy while aroma and colour becomes weak and seedy

Union Fresh (2003) Co., Ltd. uses an advanced technology, LIN (Liquid Nitrogen) to produce IQF (individually quick frozen) fruit. Liquid Nitrogen, at -196°C comes into contact with the fruit where freezing takes place at between -60 to -80°C, resulting in"shock" freezing.

All the problems mentioned above are therefore minimized, the ice crystals formed are very tiny and mostly inter-cellular. Large pieces of very appealing fruit can be produced (e.g 1/4 of a whole pineapple with eyes and core removed). Aroma is as if fresh and texture, colour and taste all retained.

We have a very high labour content to produce "Table Ready" products and provide a "service of convenience" for great tasting products.

We use only natural products.

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