Rich, fertile soil, plenty of sunshine, and a high rainfall combine to make Chiang Mai one of Asia’s premier regions for growing fruits and vegetables. Chiang Mai (in northern Thailand) is also the home base of our company which was formed in 2003 to grow and export top-quality produce to customers in Japan and other parts of Asia.

Our business and best practices

We export a wide variety of vegetables and tropical fruits grown by contracted farmers across northern Thailand. Working closely with local farmers, we consult, and partner with them through every step from locating arable land to selecting seeds and following Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) standards and guidelines. Adopting GAP benchmarks – covering the application of chemicals and fertilizers through to harvesting techniques and post-harvest management – ensures we maintain a point of difference from other local growers and exporters.

Raw materials used are also carefully screened and processed. We also employ the latest horticultural technologies - under the careful supervision of our experts- to ensure high levels of freshness and hygiene in-line with international Good Management Practice (GMP) guidelines.

Thanks to our long-term presence in Chiang Mai – and northern Thailand – we have an extensive network of growers and partners, and working together, we are able to provide a reliable supply of high-quality produce to our customers.

 What we deliver to our customers

• Combining the latest agri-tech solutions, with the deep on-the-ground knowledge and experience of local farmers, we are well-established in Chiang Mai and the northern region. We are also proud of the long-term contracts signed with many customers who recognize us as a reliable, high-quality produce supplier.

• Constant improvement is a key focus and our continuous production system and the Quick Frozen (QF) technology that we implement – a globally recognized food preservation process – enables us to supply top produce to customers around the region.

• Food safety is another top priority and we are recognized as meeting the stringent requirements set by the Japanese Positive List System for Agriculture Chemical Residues in Food guidelines and other international food safety regulations.

• We also take pride in our packaging, and distribution system, that ensures quality and right temperature delivery of products during transportation to markets in Japan and other parts of Asia.

Grilled Mixed Vegetable

Frozen Mango

Bitter gourd

Whole Grilled Eggplant

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