Union Fresh (2003) is a producer and distributor of frozen vegetables, fruits, and seasoning products to both domestic and international markets.

Welcome to Union Fresh (2003) Co. Ltd.

Our Company is located in Chiang Mai Province in the North of Thailand. This region is the best suited for growing top quality produce, due to the rich soil, kind climate and our loving care – the harvest is fresh flavorsome fruits and vegetables bursting with goodness.

Our Products

Our products are Thai traditional vegetables and tropical fruits. Fresh fruits and vegetables are source from contracted farmers all over the northern region of Thailand. The Company contracts farming under the close supervision of our professional staff. Carefully choosing cultivation areas, the company provides selected seeds, plantations know-how according to Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), including the proper application of chemicals and fertilizers, harvesting techniques and post-harvesting management. Raw materials are then selected and processed by our modern production technology under strict control of experienced personal to reach hygienic, safety nutrition and freshness, all within the company’s hygienic factory environment, and in accordance to international standard and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. With its extensive network of raw material, our company can secure quality raw material which to ensure the highest quality raw material are passing through a further tough quality control process.

Our Promise to You

Our production facility utilizes modern production techniques. Our continuous production system combined with Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) technology, a sophisticated and globally recognized food preservation technology using liquid nitrogen allows us to produces the best possible products to satisfy our customers.

We also strive for continuous safety and quality improvement for customer satisfaction. We have greatly emphasized on the safety and quality of our products. In the time when food safety is a great concern, we have utilize all means to produce products that are safe to consume under the guideline of The Japanese Positive List System for Agricultural Chemical Residues in Foods, together with local and international food safety regulation.

We also take pride in our packaging and distribution system, carefully packing and controlling the temperature of our products during transportation. The result is that consumers enjoy only the best taste, flavor, color, hygienic and healthy produce every time.