Customer First

We grow and harvest our produce based on the specifications set by our customers. So, a focus on high quality and meeting customer needs and wants, rather than industrial agricultural practices and processes for mass production.

Customers are Partners

We are proud of the long-term relationships we have with customers. This is based on many factors including our proactive steps to continuously update them with added-value business ideas such as new recipes, packaging, presentation and more, in-line with new food, health, and lifestyle trends.

Diverse product range

– as well as growing and supplying a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables we have also developed ready-to-cook e.g. for grilling, steaming, microwaving – offerings including caponata, ratatouille, and a range of Japanese pickled vegetables.

Japanese market experts

– as the majority of our fruits and vegetables are exported to Japan – who have some of the highest quality and safety benchmarks in the world – we invest significantly in maintaining industry leading standards including ongoing training for our Japanese management team. They also visit Japan frequently to stay ahead of new consumer trends and likes.